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Who Do We Think We Are?

Nerdfest are a group of friends who love talking about nerdy movies and TV so much that we created a podcast about it, so you can all join in too.

Nerdfest are:

Hazel Burton

IMG_1360Hazel fights cybercrime for a major electronics manufacturer, and microwaves lobsters in her Batcave at night (probably). Improvising has opened her eyes, and her brain.

Hazel hosts the show, whilst the rest of us try and put her off as much as possible…

You can find Hazel on @hazeburton on Twitter

Jon Farthing

IMG_1310Jon is a lawyer by day, and an improviser by night (as a member of Spontaneous Wrecks.) He is rarely found at home, and probably can’t remember what colour the walls are in his flat.

Jon writes lots of the tweets for the show. The funny ones (or so he says).

You can find Jon on @JonF1979 on Twitter

Peter Johnson

IMG_1358Peter develops iPhone apps at Soluble Apps, and develops flats for people to live in around Newcastle. He enjoys recording, composing all the music and creating graphics for the show.

As everyone else on the show (and almost all his bloody friends) are improvisers- he finally decided it was time to learn, too.

You can find Peter on @gamerpete on Twitter.

Dan Watkins

IMG_1347Dan is a historian and major Star Wars nerd, working as Head Guide at real-life Harry Potter location, Alnwick Castle.

He isn’t sick of talking about Hamilton, or Transformers , or Wrestling, but we might be getting sick of hearing about them.

You can find Dan on @danielthew on Twitter.

Ian McLaughlin

IMG_1330Ian has been an actor and an improviser all his life, and now runs the School of Improv in Newcastle upon Tyne with his wife, Bev, teaching others the joy of improv for fun and work.

He is a founder member of The Suggestibles, Newcastle’s foremost improvised comedy group, with monthly performances at The Stand and The Cumberland Arms.

He and Peter have been friends for decades, and confidently expect to spend their final days in a home somewhere, still talking rubbish.

and occasionally:

Ian Mayor

Ian knows load of things about the Marvel Universe, but is currently trapped in an alternate dimension (or work- one or the other, I forget which)


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