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What is a Podcast, exactly?

Podcasts are a bit like Netflix for radio. Free shows which you can stream or listen to on your computer or mobile device, whenever you like. (And did I mention they are free? (Oh, I did! (note to self: stop using brackets before Inception sets in…)))

You can download the podcast to your phone, tablet or computer and listen to it anytime without an internet connection, or stream the show through an audio player on a website, using the links below.

The best option is to “subscribe” through your player, which will download each new episode to your device as soon as it becomes available. Search for us in your player app, and tap the “Subscribe” button.

Here are the links to find us on Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastsSpotify, Overcast or SoundCloud. or a few more obscure ones on the goPod links page

Or, for the really technical, here is our raw RSS feed.

You can find descriptions of all our individual episodes on the Home page of this website.


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