Episode 11: The Chris Hemsworth Tree


This bumper episode has two brand new features!

As well as the usual good stuff like movie recommendations and our quiz ‘Film Buff or Film Bluff’, we debut our new game What would Jared Leto do? For which we’ve we all come up with various ridiculous scenarios for Mr Leto to test out his “method” acting skills.

We also take a look at the classic film Jaws and discuss which modern actors could potentially fill the giant shoes of Brody, Quint and Hooper.

And finally, we give Dan a good old fashioned interrogation as he’s been watching all 17 Marvel movies back to back ahead of Infinity War.

In this segment one of us (*cough Hazel *cough) might have got slightly distracted by the idea of a Chris Hemsworth tree…

Episode 10: This Podcast really ties the room together

THE BIG LEBOWSKI, John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, 1998, (c) Gramercy Pictures/courtesy Everett Collectio

We made it to double figures! Wahey!

In this episode we are all tasked to go on a 5 year space mission, and we must decide which movie, TV show, fictional astronaut and, inevitably, item of food, we would take with us. Expect the unexpected.

Also, it’s the return of our Shameful Gap feature, as one of us had never seen The Big Lebowski… get ready for some Dudaism!

Our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz takes us into the realms of Lord of the Rings offset antics, injuries on movie sets, Carry On films, and which movie megastar once gave Ian a banana.

Plus, your opener for this show is some new nerdy recommendations for things we’ve seen recently. Carry on nerding everybody!

Episode 9: Karen Gillan Rides a Rhino

image.pngWe start discussing an “Infinity War” trailer, but get slightly sidetracked by various Karen Gillan fantasies. After that our Nerd Recommendations feature brings reviews of Netflix’s “Annihilation“, “I, Tonya“, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and, for some reason, a David Baddiel live show.

Film Buff or Film Bluff is our regular quiz, which this time tests our knowledge on movie sound effects, Wonder Woman and, erm, porn parodies.

And finally, Ian offers a review of the much-loved TV series “Firefly“, to fill his first ‘Shameful Gap’!


Episode 8: General Grievances

image.pngWe get all Star Wars-y in this episode as Shameful Gap is back with a, erm, bang!

Peter had never seen ‘Revenge of the Sith‘ so sit back and listen as we discuss that film and the wider Star Wars universe (plus get ourselves into an entertaining discussion on the worst CGI in movies). And prepare for a shock, as Jon reveals his true colours at the end.

Before all that though is our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, which covers everything from “Jaws“, “Top Gun“, “Alien” to the musical “Hamilton!

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we did making it- well maybe apart from Peter 🙂

Episode 7: Wakanda Forever!


Straight out of the cinema and into the pod booth! The team give their thoughts on Marvel’s latest: Black Panther.

Plus our ‘Film Buff or Film Bluff’ quiz is back, taking us into discussions on Pixar, swearing in movies, the Batmobile and Chevy Chase. It’s also the return of ‘Shameful Gap’ as Dan watches Evil Dead 2 for the very first time (and takes us into a discussion on our favourite horror movies).

And in ‘taking one for the team’ we have the misfortune of watching The Cloverfield Paradox. Hear our thoughts on what must be surely the most disappointing film in recent history.