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Episode 110: Every Episode All At Once

The latest episode of the Nerdfest Podcast comes to you from four far-off parts of the multiverse, each full of exciting recommendations!

From the assassins’ universe, Kerris has been catching up with the phenomenon of ‘Killing Eve’. Peter’s been away exploring strange new worlds with … um, ‘Strange New Worlds’. Dan, meanwhile has seen ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ and can’t wait to tell you all how fantastic the Daniels’ new verse-jumping movie is. And finally, from the darkest timeline, Jon’s only gone and watched ‘Morbius’. Did he like it? (What do you think!)

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Episode 109: The Unbearable Weight Of M

A 2-part quiz special awaits your pod feeds today, as our Film Buff or Film Bluff explores topics as eclectic as movie stars’ body parts that they’ve sold for cash, the wonder that is Oscar Isaac, behind the scenes trivia of “Mad Max Fury Road” and films that have received foreign remakes without a hint of permission.

Hazel also has a “two clues in one” quiz where the nerds have to guess the film title from the cryptic clues.

Plus…remember at the start of the year when we told you all to watch MoonFall and then…the reviews came out and we didn’t? Well, Andy and Hazel have finally taken one for the team and are here to issue a Public Service Announcement.

And with Jon proving himself to be a mere fair-weather fan of Nicolas Cage, by not seeing “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” yet- so Hazel tells him what he’s missing.

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Episode 108: Pardon My French

Bonjour et bienvenue dans un podcast très sophistiqué!

It’s not just Andy who loves films in “foreign”- though he does have a great new Italian recommendation for you. Peter returns to the unique world of Jean-Pierre Jeunet in Netflix’s “BigBug”. Dan goes all the way to the moon with Richard Linklater’s “Apollo 10 1/2”. Kerris makes un grand retour to Nerdfest, with “Big Mouth” spin-off “Human Resources”. And Jon has to choose “Choose Or Die” … or die!

Merci beaucoup pour votre attention!

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Episode 107: Mooning A Knight

We enter the Speed Force this week as Dan, Andy, Peter, and a virtual Jon discuss this year’s Oscars, including Zack Snyder’s “most cheerworthy moment” and the winner of our annual sweepstake!

We also discuss the latest slice of MCU TV – it’s fair to say we’re loving “Moon Knight” so far, even if our impersonations of new hero Steven Grant are of variable quality…

The lunar theme continues in our regular Buff or Bluff segment as Andy concocts some movies about the moon.

We also have rounds on Star Trek cameos, Meat Loaf’s hot sauce, and famous film farts (yes, farts).

And if that wasn’t enough podcast for you, Andy also prepared a quiz of iconic movie quotes as you’ve never heard them before!

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Episode 106: I No Wear U Lav

The wonderful Ian McLaughlin is back with us this week, so of course he has us all doing all sorts of impressions and accent attempts, and generally taking the show off the rails.

We do manage to get some new recommendations out for you, though. Ian enthuses about – a new streaming service that aims to support new filmmakers. His recommendation is to watch “Paul is dead”, a short film inspired by the conspiracy theory of Paul McCartney being replaced by a lookalike.

Hazel reviews “Severance”, Apple TV’s offbeat thriller series about a man who takes drastic steps to forget about his job.

Peter has been watching “Peacemaker”, James Gunn’s spin off series with the character from The Suicide Squad.

And, as it’s now available for digital download, Jon takes us on a rollercoaster of a review with “Spider-Man No Way Home.” This way spoilers be…

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Episode 105: Little Miss Nerdfest

It’s “Women’s History Month”, so our nerds discuss some of the wonderful women which have inspired us so much in movies.

We also have another round of “Buff or Bluff”s, in which Jon loses control over some implausible Game Controllers, Hazel admires some groundbreaking female comedians, Peter takes the Mr. Men on a European tour, and Andy gets wood about some trees.

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Episode 104: Tom, Dick and Pammy

We travel back to the 90s for this recommendations episode, as Peter reviews the new miniseries “Pam and Tommy”. We discuss the greater implications of the show, before veering back to low brow by chatting about *that* talking penis scene.

Dan ups the cultural ante with his glorious review of “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, whilst Hazel takes a trip to Belfast for Kenneth Branagh’s semi autobiographical (and wonderful) drama.

Finally Jon puts us through another Chronology lesson, as he sat through the latest attempt to revive the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

Then it’s our favourite time of the year – Hazel’s needlessly complicated Oscars sweepstake! And this year’s draw has an added twist…

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Episode 103: Roses Are Red, This Podcast Is Blue

Love is on the podcast feed in the latest instalment of Nerdfest, as Dan has prepared a nerdy Valentine’s Day themed quiz to test Jon, Kerris and Peter. How many nerdy Valentine’s will you guess?

‘Buff or Bluff’ is also back: Kerris has some facts about Groundhog Day, Dan wants to talk about Bruno with Encanto-inspired Disney song trivia, Kerris has some facts about Groundhog Day, Jon and Peter take us from Siegfried and Roy to Die Hard, and Kerris has some facts about Groundhog Day!

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Episode 102: MooonFAAAAALLLLL!

Our nerds excitedly preview the movies we’re looking forward to in 2022. It’s safe to say the one we’re most anticipating is MOOOOONFAAALLLL. There’s no doubt in our minds that this will be the greatest action movie ever made. What greater jeopardy is there than the moon falling on your head? (We also preview some less-important films.)

But that’s not all, as we also have our recommendations for the latest and greatest things you can watch right now. Ian Mac explores the life of stand up comedian Lenny Bruce in “Lenny.” (We know it’s not new, but it’s so worth a watch if you haven’t seen it). Then Louise semi-enthusiastically reviews Sex and the City reboot “And Just Like That.” Peter ventures into the wilderness with new drama “Yellowjackets”. And Jon experiences the supernatural in Netflix’s mini series “Midnight Mass”. Finally Hazel discusses one of the most interesting TV series she’s ever seen: “Landscapers” with Olivia Colman and David Thewlis.

MOOOOONNNNNFAAAALLLL (Please don’t be crap)

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Episode 101: What’s Going In?

A slightly belated, but huge milestone Nerdfest episode! Due to circumstances beyond our control, we couldn’t properly celebrate recording 100 episodes together until now – in episode 101. But boy do we make up for it.

Hazel has concocted a feature that ensures we reflect fondly on some of our favourite recording moments, including how many times Jon has had to apologise for something he’s said. And Dan has come up with a top 100 quiz – which…well, let’s just say it’s not what you might be expecting.

And since it is technically episode 101, we join with Andy and Peter to create the Nerdfest Room 101. Each nerd chooses an aspect of the filmmaking process that they find irksome, and encourage their fellow nerds to send it into the abyss. Have we made the movie world a better place? Let us know!

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What a joy it has been to reach this point. We love recording together, and hope you have a great time listening to us. Thank you for all your support.