Episode 95: The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down

Kerris returns to the podcast to tell us all about her membership of a most excellent Keanu Reeves movie club, and jumps her Shameful Gap in his back catalogue of the movie “Speed”.

We play Film Buff or Film Bluff (with three stories, one of which is false) on “Speed”, the “Tekken” videogame, plots for films you won’t believe exist and some ridiculously dark stories about the Muppets.

And finally Dan has a quiz about movie teenagers, and the (much older) actors who played them!

Here’s how to catch us in your favourite podcast player: https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/9c81b51ca3dfeb8c4ea9500737d20452

Episode 94: Who, What!?! and Y

Join Jon, Ian, Dan and Peter this week, as the nerds discuss the return of Russell T Davies to ‘Doctor Who’, and delve into some great new recommendations for you.

Peter levels up with Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer as we talk about ‘Free Guy’, now streaming on Disney+. Dan goes to stay at the ‘White Lotus’, while Ian compares classic comic ‘Y: The Last Man’ to its new TV adaptation. And Jon? Well, Jon goes nuts and has a ball as he explores the latest Nic Cage opus, ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’, (a.k.a “the one where his TESSSSTICULL explodes”)

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Episode 93: Robot Chef Wars

After discussing the exciting contents of trailers released for “Last Night In Soho” and “The Matrix Resurrections” this week, we get down to business with our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz.

This week we discuss cinematic firsts, and the original titles of movies that have been renamed, plus Jon causes a stir with his blend of ‘animal magic’ facts. Andy makes some unusual noises, and Ian has what can be best described as a “random facts explosion” including how a Mandarin dictionary inspired a “Choose your own adventure” series (or did it?), and we learn all about what an “Iron Chef” really is. (Not a robot- disappointingly)

That’s not all – we also have Round 2 of “Answer Smash”, where our nerds have to smash two movie answers together from Hazel’s cryptic clues.

Links to find us in your favourite podcast apps are here: https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/72872e996d837063649468cc00efe356

The following chapter images were all used under license from Freestock.com:

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Episode 92: Clash Of The Nerds

After a small hiatus for a nerd wedding, we’re back with an entire feast of TV and film recommendations for you.

Ian Mac drums home the merits of “Count me In”, a new Netflix documentary featuring rock’s greatest drummers. Kerris takes a sip of “Brand New Cherry Flavor”, a mind bending limited series set in early 90s Hollywood. Peter ponders the question, “What If?” And purely coincidentally, he reviews Marvel’s latest TV offering of the same name. Andy enthuses about the Ray Harryhausen exhibition he and Hazel visited on their honeymoon. Which leads the nerds down an animated memory lane of one of the industry’s most influential creators. And Hazel heads comes in from the Cold War to review “The Courier”, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s salesman turned MI6 spy.

But that’s not all! Andy has a brilliant cryptic film quiz that gets all the nerds thinking outside of the box.


Episode 91: XXX Men

We welcome Ian and Kerris back on the pod for an episode overflowing with quizziness. The nerds test each other with Buff or Bluffs about “On-Set Pranks”, “Movie World Records”, “Horror Icons”, “Sony Tech” and a quite astonishing alternative take on the X-Men, and Dan has a bonus quiz about some of the strangest ever ‘notes from the studio’.

If that wasn’t enough, Ian’s been watching great documentaries on pioneering hip hop improvisers “Freestyle Love Supreme” and the darker side of child stardom.

All of that in just one episode, we hope you enjoy it (just don’t Google for Vin Diesel movies!)


Episode 90: Censor And Sensibility

We got in a bit of trouble from Mary Whitehouse’s ghost after last week’s episode, so this week we have a completely clean show that’s not rude at all*
In fact, Jon takes things so far as to review the film “Censor” which is all about how we can best oppose modernism, and build more vernacular architecture. It’s DEFINITELY not about 1980s video nasties.

In other recommendations, Dan presents genre bending, time twisting, alternative history novel “The Kingdoms”. and sings the praises of documentary “1971: The Year that Music Changed Everything”.

Peter treads a very fine line by explaining “Why Women Kill”, the second season of which is coming soon to Alibi.

Andy generously gets “Another Round” in, a brilliant Oscar winning Danish drama made by Thomas Vinterburg and starring Mads Mikkelsen.

And Hazel reviews the action-packed “Black Widow”, Marvel’s first cinematic release in two years.

*not actually true… not even close!


Episode 89: Clowny Clown Clown

Dan returns to join Jon, Andy and Peter as our nerds test each other’s knowledge in an all-quiz special.

Inspired by Marvel’s “Loki”, Dan has some stories about what our favourite variant got up to as a Norse god. Can you tell the myths from the mythstakes?

And Peter goes all TVA too, with a timey-wimey quiz about memory-twisting Sci-Fi movies.

And, of course, Film Buff or Film Bluff returns with facts covering everything from Crispin Glover’s song about a ‘Clowny Clown Clown’, bizarre Movie Studio Idents, Animated spinoffs from grown-up movies and Mary Whitehouse’s attempts to ban all filth from the airwaves.

Good thing she never heard our Podcast – we wouldn’t stand a chance!”


Episode 88: Kerris’s Bucket List

Come and join us for a bumper round of reviews and recommendations.

First up, we find out why Kerris cant stop hatewatching the horror detective series “Slasher” (which borrows more than its plot from Se7en). Then Andy intrigues us all with his review of Icelandic volcano drama “Katla”, and tries to create a new catchphrase at the same time.

Hazel whispers her affection for “A Quiet Place Part 2” whilst Jon delves into a bit of quarantine art with Bo Burnham’s Netflix special “Inside”. And finally Peter risks bringing on the zombie apocalypse, with his review of The Asylum’s “Black Summer.”

There’s all that and more – you can also play along to Andy’s movie quotes quiz and let us know how much better you did than our nerds.

And we discuss whether Batman is a generous and caring lover.


Episode 87: Mobsters and Monsters

It’s twice the movie quizzes, twice the smut in this episode, and it’s no coincidence that it sees the very welcome return of our beloved Ian McLaughlin. Ian has been away for some time looking after his “daughter” Treacle, who is…well, you’ll find out…

As penance for his lengthy absence, Ian has a movie factoid quiz for us at the beginning of the show. If you ever wanted to know how many balloons you’d need to lift your own house, you need wonder no more.

Then it’s time for our regular round of “Buff or Bluff”. This week, Andy’s topic is oversized monster movies, Peter reveals some interesting film casting choices, and Hazel has facts about two of Hollywood’s most revered names: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Plus Jon has some utterly outlandish stories of how certain films obtained their funding, involving the Catholic Church and the Mafia. And Ian rounds things off with a medley of movie tidbits.

Put us inside your favourite podcast player from the links on this page: https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/8f4818022ad46f78e263b829fdd130a8

Episode 86: Oompah Loompah Dompety DO ME!

Ever wanted to have a movie that you loved as a child totally ruined by Jon? Well, you’re in the right place, as he presents his alternate musical version of ‘Willy Wonka’ !

We also have some brand new recommendations for you as Andy takes us through ‘Valley of Souls’ in a canoe, then Jon tries to defend the earth from superhero series “Jupiter’s Legacy”. Peter recommends new historical steampunk series ‘The Nevers’, whilst Hazel effuses about Kate Winslet’s mighty performance in gritty drama ‘Mare of Easttown’ And finally Kerris brings things home with two recommendations that are as different from each other as gravy and the concept of financial management: Netflix’s ‘Superstore’, and adult animation ‘Mr Pickles’.

Please send us any suggestions for musicals that you would also like Jon to ruin (@nerdfestuk on Twitter and Facebook), and we’ll hear him do just that in a future show.

Add us to your favourite podcast player using the links on this page: https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/edf4b331a78d3ecc5778a99663851e35

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