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Episode 122: The Amityville Nerd

We give our initial, spoiler-free thoughts on the latest offering from the MCU- ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.’

Plus, in our Buff or Bluff quiz we have rounds on terrible films inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, and the life and career of the T1000 himself, Robert Patrick. We also delve into some political history, with facts about the movie-watching habits of US presidents, and Jon brings his special blend of nonsense with trivia about the Amityville horror franchise.

And we have the return of our ‘Getting to Nerd You’ segment, where we reflect fondly on some of our favourite movie-going experiences.

Here’s the crowdfunding link for Boho Arts that we talk about at the beginning. Thank you!

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Episode 121: Martian McFly

We review the TV shows and films we’ve been enjoying recently, including Brendan Fraser’s welcome return in ‘The Whale’, Korean Hitchcockian thriller ‘Decision to Leave’, Stephen Moffat’s new drama ‘Inside Man’, and we head back to the Quick Stop Convenience store with Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks 3.’ Dan went to “that London” recently and saw ‘Back to the Future: The musical’- his review has us all reminiscing about the 1985 classic, and unfortunately also inspires Jon to come up with some alternate musical ideas…

Plus, Andy has a fun film quiz for us all at the end of the episode, which sees us try to guess the film titles from their adapted synopsis.

Episode 120: LIVE from Fright Fest

We’re live and direct from Newcastle Fright Fest this episode, as Hazel, Jon, Peter and Ian pod in public to fill a Shameful Gap of ‘A NightMare on Elm St’. We also Buff or Bluff each other about the wide range of Freddie tat to accompany that series, some implausible film festivals, the worlds crappiest superheroes, and historically bad movie reviews.

Jon interviews Simon Donald (http:/, one of the founders of ‘Viz’ comic at the show, and the team disentangle some tortuous puns with a Change A Letter quiz.

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Nerdfest LIVE!

We had a fabulous time this Sunday recording our live podcast direct from FrightFest 2022.

In this fun video we shot, Hazel and Jon show you around and meet the exhibitors and fans at the show- including Simon Donald “Him off the Viz”, and some amazing movie vehicles.

Catch up with the fun from the show in our next episode- Episode 120

Episode 119: Carrie On Doctor

In today’s episode we give our first reactions to the newest Star Wars TV show on the block, “Andor” (that Squeeeeeeeee you heard was courtesy of Dan Watkins).

Then it’s Buff or Bluff time, where the nerds have to work out the truth from facts about Hollywood Script Doctors, Monsters in Space, Dance On Film, and Marvel Theme Parks. Plus, in honour of the wonderful Brendan Fraser and his return to leading man status in “The Whale, Andy has three plots for movies with tenuous links to Whales.

And finally, news of the nerds podcasting LIVE on Sunday 9th October at Newcastle Fright Fest. But if you’re too late, you can catch the best bits in Episode 120!

Episode 118: Thor Loser

In this recommendations-filled episode, we discuss alternate history drama “For All Mankind” as well as off-the-wall dark comedy “The Baby”. We also bow down once again to the legendary Sir David Attenborough with the release of “Frozen Planet 2.” And as “Thor Love and Thunder” has now arrived on Disney Plus, Jon leads a spoilerific discussion about the Asgardian’s latest (mis)adventure.

Plus, it’s that time again where one our lovely nerds gets one of their “Shameful Gaps” heroically filled. One of us has never seen John Carpenter’s “The Thing” so recently watched it for the very first time, and is here to tell the pod world what they thought.

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Episode 117: Thats Not All, Folks

Buffs! Bluffs! And…patio advice?

Today’s episode takes us into Nintendo’s naughty past, and the nuances (or lack, thereof) of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. We also go behind the scenes of “Tremors”, and Hazel has some wonderful facts (and one bluff) about Ed Kramer- iconic visual effects supervisor at ILM. We also give our initial thoughts on “Rings of Power” (we’re divided on this one) and “The Offer”; which tells the story of the making of The Godfather.

Plus, if you need any patio advice, or will do in the near future, Peter has you covered!

Episode 116: Enter Sandman (At Last!)

For this recommendations special we chat about the films and TV shows that captured our attention this week, including early impressions of “She-Hulk” and “House of the Dragon”.

Our personal picks include Jon’s review of ‘Sandman’, a show he’s waited desperately for for over 30 years. Does it live up to his dreamy expectations?

Peter discusses ‘Prey’, Disney Plus’ ambitious Predator prequel, and Hazel enthuses about ‘Bad Sisters’, a Sharon Horgan-led comedy drama whodunnit series on Apple Plus.

Andy gets passionate about Netflix’s ‘Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story’, and finally Dan asks us to lower our inhibitions and hear about Jermaine and his two Clements, in ‘Nude Tuesday’ – leave it to Dan to lower the tone….

Episode 115: Up All Night

 A ton of nighttime nerdy trivia this episode, as our Buff or Bluff quiz includes MCU origin tales from Ian Mayor, post-production changes from Jon, a box office bonanza from Peter, and tales from Schitt’s Creek and a very fun quiz from Hazel, where the nerds have to change one letter in a movie title to match her altered synopses of many a much-loved film. 

Who WOULDN’T want to see a film about a cyborg assassin sent back in time to give someone a curly 80’s hairstyle?…/epi…/0e709a3cafe58c07d0eaa434287b3d93

Episode 114: A Massive Con

 We’re back after our summer break, by revelling in the glorious nerdness announced at ComicCon.

Dan has always wanted to be a cat (because a cat’s the only cat that knows where it’s at) and gets his chance with new game ‘Stray’. Peter howls about new Prime TV show ‘Wolf Like Me’, Jon commits some ‘Crimes of the Future’ with David Cronenberg’s latest, And Hazel can’t help falling in love with Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’…/85975d6ac7e603a77d7c982cec4e9ad5