Episode 87: Mobsters and Monsters

It’s twice the movie quizzes, twice the smut in this episode, and it’s no coincidence that it sees the very welcome return of our beloved Ian McLaughlin. Ian has been away for some time looking after his “daughter” Treacle, who is…well, you’ll find out…

As penance for his lengthy absence, Ian has a movie factoid quiz for us at the beginning of the show. If you ever wanted to know how many balloons you’d need to lift your own house, you need wonder no more.

Then it’s time for our regular round of “Buff or Bluff”. This week, Andy’s topic is oversized monster movies, Peter reveals some interesting film casting choices, and Hazel has facts about two of Hollywood’s most revered names: Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Plus Jon has some utterly outlandish stories of how certain films obtained their funding, involving the Catholic Church and the Mafia. And Ian rounds things off with a medley of movie tidbits.

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Episode 86: Oompah Loompah Dompety DO ME!

Ever wanted to have a movie that you loved as a child totally ruined by Jon? Well, you’re in the right place, as he presents his alternate musical version of ‘Willy Wonka’ !

We also have some brand new recommendations for you as Andy takes us through ‘Valley of Souls’ in a canoe, then Jon tries to defend the earth from superhero series “Jupiter’s Legacy”. Peter recommends new historical steampunk series ‘The Nevers’, whilst Hazel effuses about Kate Winslet’s mighty performance in gritty drama ‘Mare of Easttown’ And finally Kerris brings things home with two recommendations that are as different from each other as gravy and the concept of financial management: Netflix’s ‘Superstore’, and adult animation ‘Mr Pickles’.

Please send us any suggestions for musicals that you would also like Jon to ruin (@nerdfestuk on Twitter and Facebook), and we’ll hear him do just that in a future show.

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Episode 85: Anything For A Bacon Sandwich

Is there ANYTHING that isn’t improved by a bacon sandwich?

This is the kind of deep thinking you’ll find in this episode’s Buff or Bluff quiz. Our topics include facts about one of the greatest movie composers of all time, John Williams, film disclaimers that originated because of political assassinations, the most dangerous movie sets in history, naughty films made by stars before they became famous, and the very best from the Bulwer-Lytton competition, which challenges participants to write an atrocious first sentence for a hypothetical novel.

Plus, find out who triumphed and who capitulated in the Nerdfest Oscar’s sweepstake, and will they even get to give their acceptance speech?

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Episode 84: Nerdpets

Dan discovers whether it was a good idea to name his kitten after a trickster god*, and we have reviews of some great, and not so great TV and Movies for you.

We pound the spooky New Zealand beat with “Wellington Paranormal”, learn some history with Oscar contender “Quo Vadis, Aida?”, suffer our way through “Them”, and become “Invincible”, then discover new Black Mirror-esque show “Made For Love”.

*Check the embedded artwork if you would like to meet little Loki

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Episode 83: Little Gold Men

It’s the 4th annual Nerdfest Oscars sweepstake! Hazel, with her customary two hats, reveals which Best Picture nominees we each received in the sweepstake – find out our reactions, plus mini-reviews of the contenders, and how we rate our chances on the night.

Before that, it’s Buff or Bluff time. Can you guess the made-up fact from this week’s diverse categories: Donald Duck, ostentatious celebrity expenses, The Oscars, Peter Sellers, and the American Office ?

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Episode 82: Zack Snyder’s Nerdfest

n our latest review-packed episode we watch Oscar contender “Judas & The Black Messiah”, wrap our big mouse-shaped ears around podcast “Disniversity”, welcome Marvel’s “Falcon & The Winter Soldier”, investigate “Big Sky” and slog our way through Zack Snyder’s cut of “Justice League”

Oh, and Jon TRIES to give “Hellraiser” the review it deserves.

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Episode 81: Shark Week

It’s Kerris’s turn to be afraid of the water this episode, as she reveals her Shameful Gap, of “Jaws”, and tells us how it felt to watch it for the first time.

We also try to pull the wool over each others eyes once more, with Bluffs based on rubbish Amazon movies, women movements started by female actors, filipino Batman knockoffs, the movie “Scream”, and Brazilian Pixar clones.

Come on in, the water’s lovely!

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Episode 80: Huzzah!

We’ll give you recommendations!

We cover a massive range this episode, from unreliable historical bonkfest ‘The Great’, through the wonders of Arrow’s streaming service (apparently designed specifically for Jon!), the very Marmite flavourings of ‘Resident Alien’, and definitely-not-a-disaster movie ‘Greenland’, to finally come into land with ‘The Expanse 5’, world-beating videogame ‘Fortnite’, and Billie Piper’s tour de force ‘I Hate Susie’.

Oh. AND we throw in ‘Conan The Barbarian’ for good measure. Huzzah!

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INTERVIEW: Samantha Shannon

In this special extra episode, Dan interviews Samantha Shannon, the author of the Bone Season books that he reviewed for us in episode 77. They talk about her new book “The Mask Falling”, how fabulous words are, what makes dragons special and, of course, who would win: Godzilla or King Kong!

Let us know if you would like to hear more of your favourite authors on the show.

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Episode 79: Spoiling Nemo

You won’t know WHAT to believe this episode, as we try to pull an entire sheep’s worth of wool over each others’ eyes with our legendary Buff or Bluff game.

The delightful Kerris joins us from the safety of her blanket fort for some horrifying tales, Dan shows off his moves with some stories too ludicrous for WWE, Peter is giving notes on music, and Jon delves into the darker side of DIsney, and tries his best to traumatise Dan in the process.

We also Play Our Cameos right with a game about how much some second-string celebs charge for a personal video on website, Cameo!

And, as usual, Jon has to apologise for something…

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