Episode 33: Endgame Of Thrones

rocket throne

In celebration of two great franchises both reaching their conclusions, this episode has some great special features… Dan has devised a dragon-sized Game Of Thrones quiz, spanning all seven previous series. And we record our first spoiler-free reactions to seeing “Avengers: Endgame” – mere minutes after leaving the cinema.

Before that, we each have brand new recommendations for you- Jon reviews ‘Sorry To Bother You‘- a comedy which tells the tale of a telemarketer bejng told to use a ”white person voice”. Hazel goes all Elizabethan on us, performing a solioquy or two from ‘William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily A New Hope‘.

Peter had great fun with DC’s latest effort, ‘Shazam‘, and Dan has another recommendation for the Nerdfest bookshelf – ‘The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaurs‘ provoking many factually accurate discussions (including which dinosaurs took on the role of oil drillers to try and blow up the extinction event asteroid…)


Episode 32: GoT Any Predictions?

crystal ball wide

Duh duh du-du-duh duh du-du DDUUUUUH etc.- Game of Thrones is back in front of our eyeballs and we couldn’t be more excited! In this episode, we make our predictions for who we will die first, and who’ll end up on the Iron Throne at the end of the series. Unfortunately the three-eyed raven we’d hired for this purpose flew away, which means none of these predictions will come true, but it’s a fun segment!

Before that, it’s the return of ‘Film Buff or Film Bluff’ – where we try to fool each other with a combination of true and fake facts about movie Special FX, the “Star Wars” Cantina band, Captain America, and Marlon Brando’s crazy on-set antics. Plus, Hazel has a bonus Bluff about submarines. Hope you’re ready for a science lesson!

Also, one of our nerds had never seen nineties action blockbuster Last Action Hero – so hear their thoughts upon watching it for the very first time, in our “Shameful Gap” feature.

Resident quizmaster Ian has come up with another sterling quiz idea – asking us to decode his cryptic movie title clues.

Finally, we talk about some of the films we’ve endured from Jon’s infamous Sack of Fun, including “Foreplay”, “Self/Less” and “Sharktopus vs. Barracuda”. Our reviews were… unfavourable…

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Episode 31: Marvellous Things Happen


It’s “Captain Marvel” review time! The majority of which we spend trying to come up with a synopsis which is in danger of being longer than the movie. However, once we get that sorted, we can have a lively debate about the film’s merits and shortcomings.

In another inspired quiz, Ian borrows the DeLorean to go back in time and ask his 5 year old self to describe ten famous movies, which the rest of us try to guess from his childish clues.

And we start the show with our reviews section – including the “RBG” documentary and it’s cinematic counterpart, “On The Basis Of Sex“. Peter enrols us in the “Umbrella Academy“, and Ian seeks comfort in a new game he found, after being terrified by an “Alien” videogame.

Meanwhile, Jon can’t make up his mind WHAT to cover, so he attempts to review the entirety of human existence… and Star Trek Discovery!

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Episode 30: It Sounds Amazing, But…

hot tub crop
Can you tell the difference between the snarl of a Gremlin and the pwish of the Enterprise doors? Then you’ll probably do a lot better at Ian’s masterful movie sounds quiz than we did!

Also in this episode are our(spoiler-free) reactions to ‘Captain Marvel‘ – captured in our mobile recording studio (AKA Hazel’s car) just after leaving the cinema.

In Buff or Bluff, Dan delves into the sitcom careers of Marvel directors, Hazel tries to fool us with ‘facts’ about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon looks at reshot movies, and Peter links Batman and James Bond.

And we try out a new game called ‘Pitchstorm’, in which we each try to pitch ludicrous movie concepts, while the rest of the nerds make “helpful suggestions” to ensure box office success. (In the picture above, Nosferatu gets a hot tub- of course!)

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Episode 29: Ayoade: Battle Angel

ayade battle angel wide

It’s a full Nerd house, thanks to Hazel’s recovery (although Jon doesn’t quite want to let go of his temporary hosting duties) and Ian Mac being back from whatever he was doing…

Ian recommends perhaps the strangest video game concept we’ve ever heard (two words: “Vicious Strawberry”.) Jon cautiously recommends the updated version of “Suspiria”. We find out whether the eyes have it for “Alita: Battle Angel”. Hazel recommends a person (no, not Chris Hemsworth…) as she’s been enjoying two pieces of work by the luminous Richard Ayoade. And a review of new Netflix series “Riverdale”, leads us down the inevitable path of a Saved by the Bell debate…(yeah, us neither…)

We also have a live draw for our Oscars sweepstake and discuss each Best Picture nominee’s merits and flaws. Find out who drew the winning film under Hazel’s needlessly-complicated scoring system, and (as this was recorded just before the Oscars) use your superpower of hindsight to see if our wilder predictions came true, you lucky things.

Episode 28: Pain, Trains and Sex Education



We have lots of wonderful recommendations for you this episode – Jon tests the breakability of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass”, Dan endures a nightmare commute on the “Train to Busan” and Peter shares some “Sex Education

From beyond the void, Ian Mayor enthuses over the incoming news about Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune“. And once more we brave Jon’s Sack of Fun, the world’s unluckiest dip.

*Does not contain nuts (or, at least, Hazel), but she’ll be back next time.


Episode 27: The Curious Case Of Hazel Burton

In the official* Nerdfest preview of 2019, we chat about the likes of Star Wars Episode IX, Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Toy Story 4, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Avengers: Endgame. Find out which will make the top of our watchlist.

We partake in our usual fun and frivolities during a Film Buff or Film Buff Quiz, including unusual hobbies of Marvel actors, some musical trivia, and some Muppety facts and fiction.

Ahead of the 2019 Oscars ceremony, Dan has concocted a Quiz about this year’s Best Picture nominees. Test your knowledge against that of our nerds.

And we discover what the boys get up to when Hazel leaves them to their own devices…

*Official by Nerdfest standards