Episode 46: Are You Sitting Uncomfortably?


This week our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz includes questions on ridiculous Disney live action plots, some devious “Terminator” facts, the weird and wonderful films available on SyFy, movie costumes, and how food was used as an effect in some iconic movies.

Also Ian Mayor contacts us from the Void, to talk all things unique to John Wick, the Hipster Assassin.

And spurred on by some recent awful examples, we have a good old fashioned debate about modern movie trailers- discussing what we feel a movie trailer should contain, and casting our minds back to our favourite trailers of all time.

Join in to let us know YOUR opinion on the best/worst trailers you’ve seen- @nerdfestuk on Twitter and Facebook.

Episode 45: I Hear You Paint Faces

joker-trailer.jpgIn one of our favourite episodes yet to record, we prove just how divisive “Joker” really is, as each of our nerds viewed the film in a different way. Our spoiler-heavy review explores fan theories, direction, Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the character, and how it all fits into today’s world.

Before that, we have our main Reviews section. This week, Jon has been lucky enough to attend a preview screening of Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” – is it worth the 3 and a half hour run time, and how effective is the digital de-ageing? Andy is back, and talks fondly of little-known Japanese zombie comedy, “One Cut Of The Dead” which had us all dying to see it. Hazel has been bingeing true crime documentary “The Staircase” (Do you think he did it? Let us know!). Dan has an antidote for all the history-haters out there, with new podcast “You’re Dead To Me”. Peter reviews new Netflix series “Living with yourself”, starring Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd. And finally Ian reviews “It: Chapter 2” (let’s just say he wasn’t a fan)

Plus, we have a brand new quiz! Andy’s “First Lines” quiz is full of fun, as our nerds try to guess the famous movie character from the first line they ever speak on the big screen…

Episode 43: Jon Is Very Sorry


The remains of what was once Jon Farthing joins us for a bumper crop of recommendations this episode.

Dan raves about Helen O’Hara’s new “Superhero Movie Guide”, Hazel swoons over Sir Ian McKellen’s live show, Peter checks out the backstory of “Pennyworth”, Batman’s butler, Jon enthuses over Tarantino nostalgia-fest, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”, and Ian eventually drag(on)s himself away from the clinically addictive “Merge Dragons” game to surf some shorts on the “Dust” channel.

And who will win our closely-fought quiz, based on the plots of ten famous science fiction movies?

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Episode 42: The Bee Plot


We’re excited by the recently-revealed plans for Marvel Phase 4, but Hazel and Jon think there’s room for one or two other ideas. So, for this episode we created our own version of Kevin Feige, to which Hazel and Jon must pitch their new Phase 4 concepts. This includes a movie centred on the backstory and adventures of Valkyrie, as well as a comeback vehicle for Marvel’s long-lost character, The Swarm. Get ready to hear Jon defend his alt-right mega bee movie…

Before that, we have our Film Buff or Film Buff quiz, with questions on foreign superhero knockoff TV shows, “Home Alone“, intriguing movie costumes, and links between Francis Ford Coppola and “Star Wars“.

We also have the return of Taking One For The Team, where two nerds debate over the merits or otherwise of Jim Jarmusch’s “The Dead Don’t Die”- Is it a zombie comedy with a starry cast, or a self indulgent metatextual and disappointing version of Shaun of the Dead? Find out who triumphs…

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Episode 41: How Deep Is Your Nerd?

Untitled_Artwork wide.png

Something is in the air this episode (we can only hope its love!) as two of our regulars are joined by their partners for a special quiz to test how well they know each others’ nerdiness. Has Hazel been paying attention for the last nine months? Will Jon just answer “Nicolas Cage” for every single question?

We also recommend Amazon Video’s “The Boys”, Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse’s “Gone Fishing”, “Documentary Now!”, and Secret Cinema’s “Casino Royale”… as well as warning everyone to steer clear of “MiB International

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LIVE From Newcastle Improv Festival

7 Nerdfest 03

Welcome to a very special live episode, where hosts Hazel, Jon, Peter, Dan and Ian broadcast in front of an audience, as part of the Newcastle Improv Festival.

We’re joined by some very special guests, including Bev Fox from renowned improv group The Suggestibles, who joins Ian to talk about the secret ingredients to their success, and we unearth some new intimate details about how they first met!

We’re also joined by improviser and author of 17 novels, Stella Duffy OBE. In a frank and honest interview, Stella talks about how she emerged from a challenging childhood to being able to find herself on the page and on the stage. If you’re interested in writing or what goes into creating a great character, you’ll love her remarkable insights.

We then talk to Kerris Gibson, a recent graduate of School of Improv, who reveals why she is so passionate about improvisation, and what skills she’s been learning and mastering.

Of course, we pepper the interviews with some Film Buff or Film Bluff quizzes, and finish with a special game of Pitchstorm in which Hazel has to improvise a movie plot involving Jason Statham, the Cold War, and a mysterious tapestry!

As this was recorded live in a busy theatre with a lively audience, the sound quality isn’t as great as our usual episodes, but we had the most amazing experience recording it, and we hope you enjoy it too!

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Episode 40: EXCELLENT!


We COULD have celebrated turning 40 by buying a sportscar and dating younger podcasts, but instead we have a bumper quiz episode, with Buff Or Bluffs on actor/ musician duets, obscure casting choices, the one and only Keanu Reeves (including whether or not he was babysat by Alice Cooper), the “Angel” TV series, and the career of James Cameron. (Was he really the one who came up with the idea to cover Arnold Schwarzenegger with mud for Predator?)

That’s followed by a rapturous one-off (we hope) quiz concocted by Jon. He has 10 quotes, which are either lines of dialogue from Nic Cage films, or lyrics from Nick Cave songs. It’s tougher – and funnier- than you might think!

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