Episode 5. Pop Chip Hotshot!

image.pngOn this episode we have lots of nerdy recommendations for you based on stuff we’ve seen recently (we mention a few spoilers for The Last Jedi). There is also a ‘Harry Potter-off’ (that sounds dirty doesn’t it?) between two of our biggest Potter nerds which involves a mini Trivial Pursuit challenge.

We get slightly distracted by some Star Wars-themed Pop Chips, hence the episode title, before concluding with an epic Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz.

Enjoy, and please get involved in our nerdy discussions on Twitter @NerdfestUK (P.S we recorded this a few days before the Oscar nominations came out!)

Episode 4: Nerd Harder


This week’s episode brings back Shameful Gap, as Jon gives us his opinion of Die Hard 2 upon watching it for the very first time (not one for the kids this…).

Our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz takes us into the worlds of James Cameron, Jason Donovan (yes really) and tortoises getting jiggy.

Plus, we talk about the Dr Who Christmas Special, and Ian Mayor gives a great review of new Netflix TV show, The Punisher.

Episode 3: A ridiculous way to catch a fish…

image.pngHey nerds! For your listening pleasure this episode we have our rundown of the best films to hit the silver screen in 2017 (hey that rhymes…), and a review of The Last Jedi that contains oodles of behind the scenes info, courtesy of walking Star Wars-ipidia Daniel Watkins.

We also have a new Shameful Gap as Dan reviews John Carpenter’s They Live(you know – the one with the chewing gum line), and preview some of the most interesting films to land in 2018.

Episode 2: Burgers and Dinosaurs

image.pngIn which we discuss the new trailers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Avengers Infinity War (delving deep into where these two universes might be heading), Ian Mayor has an extreeeeemely good burger analogy for the Marvel films, we record our initial (3am!) reactions to The Last Jedi, and conclude with a brand new feature: Film Buff, or Film Bluff, which you can play along to at home!


Episode 1: The Future of Law Enforcement


This podcast is for all the obsessive film/ TV/ general nerd trivia fans out there. We love this stuff, and we hope you’ll find our musings and insights entertaining. 

In this inaugural episode, us nerds discuss our favourite films of all time, offer a (spoiler heavy) review of Thor: Ragnorok, musings on the new Star Trek TV series and the first filling of a Shameful Gap as Hazel gives a review of RoboCop after watching it for the very first time.

And lots more!

Give it a listen and let us know what you think; there’s much more on the way!