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Episode 110: Every Episode All At Once

The latest episode of the Nerdfest Podcast comes to you from four far-off parts of the multiverse, each full of exciting recommendations!

From the assassins’ universe, Kerris has been catching up with the phenomenon of ‘Killing Eve’. Peter’s been away exploring strange new worlds with … um, ‘Strange New Worlds’. Dan, meanwhile has seen ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ and can’t wait to tell you all how fantastic the Daniels’ new verse-jumping movie is. And finally, from the darkest timeline, Jon’s only gone and watched ‘Morbius’. Did he like it? (What do you think!)

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Author: Soluble Apps

Soluble Apps was founded in 2010, by Peter Johnson, drawing on over 25 years of experience as Coder, Artist, Producer, Musician and Studio Head in the videogames industry. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Our top-selling products are the popular "MailShot Pro" group email app, "ShotList" for planning movie shoots, and "FAQ", which cuts down on repetitive emailing.

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