Episode 95: The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down

Kerris returns to the podcast to tell us all about her membership of a most excellent Keanu Reeves movie club, and jumps her Shameful Gap in his back catalogue of the movie “Speed”.

We play Film Buff or Film Bluff (with three stories, one of which is false) on “Speed”, the “Tekken” videogame, plots for films you won’t believe exist and some ridiculously dark stories about the Muppets.

And finally Dan has a quiz about movie teenagers, and the (much older) actors who played them!

Here’s how to catch us in your favourite podcast player: https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/9c81b51ca3dfeb8c4ea9500737d20452

Author: Soluble Apps

Soluble Apps was founded in 2010, by Peter Johnson, drawing on over 25 years of experience as Coder, Artist, Producer, Musician and Studio Head in the videogames industry. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Our top-selling products are the popular "MailShot Pro" group email app, "ShotList" for planning movie shoots, and "FAQ", which cuts down on repetitive emailing.

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