This episode has more twists than the spinning top from Inception.

We discuss our favourite movie twists, from the moments that made us jump out of our seat, to the moments that made us give a little appreciative nod. Inevitably, we also digress to talking about our least-favourite plot twists (we’re looking at you, M. Night Shyamalan). This is a fairly spoiler-filled chat, but we do our best to warn you before we make the big reveal. Mostly.

In our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, we try and guess which ridiculous movie plot line Ian has concocted in his awesome brain, Dan befuddles us with some of Boba Fett’s lesser known escapades, Peter’s got some “Walking Dead” trivia up his sleeve, Jon reveals some interesting inaction figures, and Hazel takes us down memory lane with some “24” facts, goddammit.

Also don’t miss a visit from Ian Mayor, still trapped in the Void, reviewing new video game “Into the Breach” and listen out for the usual after-party fun after the credits have rolled on the episode.