Episode 16: Can You Smell What The Nerds Are Cooking?


IT DOESN’T MATTER if you listen to this episode! (Actually, yes it does. We’re narcissistic nerds and need your constant love and validation 😉)

We open the show with a flavoursome Film Buff or Bluff quiz – with Jon attempting to fool us with some ridiculous wrestling storylines, Hazel opens the box on Se7en, and Peter has some cunning James Bond clues.

We’ve then got some new recommendations for you (which takes us off on a tangent about the much-missed world of DVD extras). And then it’s Peter’s turn for The Born Identity as he uncages Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds“.

We’ve then got a brand (not bland, Jon…) new feature, called ‘Debate a Nerd’. We discuss what films deserve a sequel, and which sequels acutely affected the franchise that had gone before it. We’d love to hear your opinions on this topic too – @Nerdfestuk on Twitter.

Our spoilery review this week is Die Ha…Sorry, sorry, we mean Skyscraper. Starring the man we’d all want to save our lives, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dan makes a belated but welcome appearance during this segment, with a bonus Film Buff or Bluff well worth sticking around for!


Author: Soluble Apps

Soluble Apps was founded in 2010, by Peter Johnson, drawing on over 25 years of experience as Coder, Artist, Producer, Musician and Studio Head in the videogames industry. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Our top-selling products are the popular "MailShot Pro" group email app, "ShotList" for planning movie shoots, and "FAQ", which cuts down on repetitive emailing.

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