Episode 53: The Musical That Goes Wrong

cats sing.jpg

This recommendation-packed episode is full of war stories.

We hear from the Nerdfest ‘Cats’ Support Group as Dan and Jon deal with the trauma from their cat-astrophic experience of watching Tom Hooper’s new musical.

Then we hear about the famously disastrous battle to bring the SpiderMan musical to Broadway, followed by two more literal war stories, Sam Mendes’ one-take opus “1917” and Taikia Waititi’s Hitler-starring “JoJo Rabbit”.

Jon also recommends yet another Nic Cage movie “Colour Out Of Space”, and Hazel lightens the tone with “The Goes Wrong Show”

We round things off with a lovely quiz, where you have to identify the actor from up to 4 movies they appeared in.

Remember- Walls have ears, as well as ice cream!

Episode 52: Buffy The Oscar Slayer

There’s a lot at stake this episode, as we discuss the Hellmouth out of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ en route to our Buff of Bluff quiz, which this week features the most unusual reasons for becoming a supervillain, the musical ‘Cats’, previously unknown tidbits about ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, and the all-time worst TV shows.

This episode also features the return of Hazel’s needlessly overcomplicated Oscars Sweepstake, as our nerds discover which Best Picture nominee they have drawn, and how pleased (or not) they are with their picks.

Episode 51: Nobody Dies!

palpatian copy

‘Wonder Woman 1984′! ‘The Eternals’! ‘Black Widow’! ‘Ghostbusters Afterlife’! The lineup for 2020 is looking mighty fine indeed, as our nerds count through the year listing the movies we’re really looking forward to…

…and ‘Candyman’.

Also join us for our deep-into-spoiler-territory review of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. We’re joined by the much-missed Ian McLaughlin to give his thoughts on J.J. Abrams’ closing chapter. We discuss everything about this 40-years-in-the-making movie (including character background notes from Dan, who’s been swotting up with the Visual Dictionary.)

Episode 50: Fiftieth Episode Special

It’s our 50th episode! To celebrate, we reflect back on some of our favourite recording moments from the past 2 years, and Hazel has a special quiz to test our knowledge of, well, ourselves!

Also in this episode we each count down our top 3 films of the year. There are some surprising inclusions, and we debate and discuss how we feel now about certain movies.

Any 50th episode would be remiss without our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, so this round includes questions on Murder She Wrote, James Bond, Nicholas Cage (thanks, Jon) and some of the earliest female filmmakers, which gives us all a chance to chat about this long lost era.

Last but not least, we’d like to wish all our listeners a very happy new year, and a huge thank you for supporting us for the last 50 episodes. We really appreciate it, and long may it continue 🙂

Episode 49: Santa Baby Yoda


As we head into that time of year where no one has a clue about what day it is, and we constantly emerge blurry-eyed from multiple turkey comas, you can take comfort in our many and varied holiday viewing recommendations!

In this episode, we review the excellent “Watchmen” TV series, which Jon has declared his favourite TV show of the year. We also do a spoiler-free preview (because we obviously haven’t seen it yet. Ahem) of “The Mandalorian” from Disney+.

Dan recommends “Ladhood”, a BAFTA-nominated coming of age comedy. And we have a group discussion on Rian Johnson’s modern murder mystery, “Knives Out”.

We end the show with our immediate reactions to J.J. Abrams’ closing chapter of the new Star Wars trilogy, “The Rise of Skywalker”. Having taken our pod recording equipment to the midnight screening, we put off going to bed for the sake of capturing this segment, featuring nerds you’ve never heard from before! Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, we don’t reveal any secrets 🙂

May we wish all our listeners the absolute best Christmas ever. Thank you for all your support this year. We’ll be back in early 2020 with our favourite films of the year, and a preview of what’s coming up! Until then, take care nerds!

Episode 48: Thor And Order

thor big

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, please take your seats for the return of Nerd Court! In the dock this week is a film that has almost divided a relationship – Thor Ragnorok.

Engaged couple Andy and Hazel battle each other in the Nerd courtroom in our most fiercely fought nerd battle yet. Will Thor Ragnorok see off all the evidence weighted against it? Will Judge Jon pronounce an unbiased ruling? Can Andy and Hazel’s relationship even survive this? Listen to find out!

Also in this episode we have our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, where our nerds must find the false fact from a web of lies and deceit. Topics this week include record breaking in films, ridiculous fighting game pairings, Star War’s The Emperor, and the 30th anniversary of the Nintendo Gameboy.

Episode 47: A Dark Fate Of Materials

dark dark

The year was 2019. An era of political strife. A climate crisis loomed. Royal reputations were in tatters. Cats were “sexy”. And Sonic the Hedgehog scared the living daylights out of children and adults alike.

Through the mist, one podcast emerged from tens of thousands of other film podcasts to bring peace and prosperity to each and every one of its listeners.

In this episode, play along to our “Guess the movie from its opening crawl” quiz. Hopefully you paid more attention than most of us to the opening titles of some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters!

Also we have a ton of new reviews and recommendations for you. Dan tells us why we should all give ‘Jack Ryan’ a chance. Jon reviews ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ amid multiple interruptions from the nerds who didn’t share his positive opinions. Peter double-taps ‘Zombieland 2’, Andy introduces a 7 minute film to those of us with short attention spans, and Hazel talks of the new BBC adaptation of ‘His Dark Materials’.