Episode 40: EXCELLENT!


We COULD have celebrated turning 40 by buying a sportscar and dating younger podcasts, but instead we have a bumper quiz episode, with Buff Or Bluffs on actor/ musician duets, obscure casting choices, the one and only Keanu Reeves (including whether or not he was babysat by Alice Cooper), the “Angel” TV series, and the career of James Cameron. (Was he really the one who came up with the idea to cover Arnold Schwarzenegger with mud for Predator?)

That’s followed by a rapturous one-off (we hope) quiz concocted by Jon. He has 10 quotes, which are either lines of dialogue from Nic Cage films, or lyrics from Nick Cave songs. It’s tougher – and funnier- than you might think!


Episode 39: Not Exactly A Recommendation

mixThis episode is a mega review special – featuring everything new and exciting we’ve been moved by recently…. and, er, “Brightburn“.

It may be a surprise to some listeners to find that Louise actually exists, and is not just a product of Jon’s deranged imagination, but we’re delighted to have her join us for this episode!

We discuss Game of Thrones behind-the-scenes documentary, ”The Last Watch” and our lasting thoughts on Weiss and Benioff’s achievements, before speculating on the prequels coming up.

Next up is a review of “Toy Story 4” including Forky’s existential crisis, the rise of Little Bo Peep, the wonderful Duke Kaboom, and the different direction for the character of Woody.

Louise discusses “The Handmaid’s Tale” and how close to it’s dystopian scenario we may well be in reaIity.

Jon recommends that you DON’T watch “Brightburn”, produced byJames Gunn, which explores the notion of SuperMan growing up evil/ having a bad reaction to puberty. Find out why Jon had problems with yet another movie featuring a Bad Superman.

Then Hazel recommends the second season of “Big Little Lies“, which is just coming to an end (no spoilers though.. and that isn’t a lie!)

And finally Peter discusses the TV show “Years and Years“, and what Emma Thompson would be like as the British Prime Minister, if possessed by the spirit of Boris Johnson….

Episode 38: Bad Superman!

bad supes2
It’s a fight between good and evil, as Hazel and Jon contest the fate of “Superman 3” in Nerd Court. Will Hazel’s evidence send it to the Phantom zone? Dan is the unbiased judge, with Peter as our expert witness.

We also have a voyage to the Void as Ian Mayor bids a wistful goodbye to Vertigo Comics, which announced its dissolution last week. Ian talks about how this comic giant came to be, and what made it so popular over the years.

Plus, we open the show with our Film Buff or Bluff quiz, which this week includes trivia questions on everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Little Shop of Horrors to the X-Men.

And don’t miss our very first LIVE podcast at Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle on Friday 2nd August 2019. It’s all part of the Newcastle Improv Festival that kicks off on 27th July. Get your tickets for the show!

Episode 37: Wild And Crazy Nerds

US cropWe take you on a wild ride through the life and times of 1980’s comedy stars Steve Martin, John Belushi, Rick Moranis, Dan Ackroyd, Eddie Murphy and John Candy with a review of Nick de Semelyn’s new book ”Wild and Crazy Guys”, then Dan tests our knowledge of 1980s comedy trivia with a special quiz based on stories from the book.

Jon ignores Gary Netflix yet again, to review ”The Perfection”, a disturbing new horror film about a pair of amorous cello players. Peter and Hazel discuss Elton John biopic ”Rocketman”, and how it ranks as a musical fantasy. And Hazel covers ”Nanette”, a one-hour Netflix special by Australian comedienne Hannah Gadsby, and how it swiftly swerves from stand-up to something much, much more.

And finally, we preview what’s coming up in cinemaland over the next few months: including ”Spider-Man Far From Home”, ”Yesterday”, ”Ad Astra”, ”Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, ”Toy Story 4” and ”Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker”.

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Episode 36: Holy Bat-Nipples!


If there was one thing that really stood out in 1997’s Batman & Robin….

In light of news there’ll be a new Batman protecting the streets of Gotham, our nerds debate who was the greatest actor to don the Bat Cape, Bat-nipples or no Bat-nipples. Most of us chose different portrayals (although, spoiler alert, none of us selected Batfleck. In fact, we nearly forgot him…)

Before that, we have a Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, where our nerds face questions on the friendship between Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, the Starship Enterprise, and whether Jim Carrey actually paid for the CIA to torture him…

We round off the show with a quiz, in which Jon asks us to identify films, based on reviews from a Christian Right movie website…

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Episode 35: Sex And Cookies

How do you become a guest on the Nerdfest podcast?

Sex and cookies, apparently.

This time we have a new voice amongst our nerds, Andy, who joins us in an extra long spoiler special on ‘Avengers: Endgame’, now that most of the world has seen it (Some of us three times!) In the second part of the show we go scene-by-scene, discussing the fate of many beloved characters, whilst also pondering the eternal question: “Which would you rather make love to: a tree, or a raccoon?”

We open the show with lots of new recommendations: Jon reviews one of the best horror movies he’s ever seen, ‘The Babadook’, now released on Amazon Prime. Hazel has been mesmerised by new Netflix documentary ‘Knock Down the House’ about four women vying to replace long-serving Congressmen in the 2018 House race. Peter explores the new ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ TV show based on the Taika Waititi movie. And finally Andy has a solution for anyone who has a beef with Bear Grylls – try and cause him harm in the new and interactive choose-your-own-adventure series, ‘You vs. Wild’.

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Episode 34: The Dinosaur Dating Game


So, if you HAD to, which dinosaur would you choose to “make the beast with two backs” with? It’s these sort of high-brow questions, and more, which our nerds seek to tackle in this episode…

Film Buff or Bluff asks us to choose between three outlandish storylines involving The Joker, three Jeff Goldblum facts, Marvel’s wackiest characters, and the first cinematic appearances of certain female actors.

“Shameful Gap” sees Hazel share her first ever viewing of “Groundhog Day”.as we explore the themes of Bill Murray’s starring performance as Phil Connors, the egotistical weatherman doomed to repeat the same day over and over again.

“Shameful Gap” sees Hazel share her first ever viewing of “Groundhog Day”.as we explore the themes of Bill Murray’s starring performance as Phil Connors, the egotistical weatherman doomed to repeat the same day over and over again.

And Hazel and Dan just can’t stop talking about the musical “Hamilton”, as the two unenlightened members of Nerdfest try to thwart their attempts to rename the podcast “Hamilchat”.

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