Episode 61: Psychobabble

In a masterful and suspenseful episode, we discuss five of Hitchcock’s greatest film accomplishments. Join us as we dissect ‘Rear Window’, ‘Psycho’, ‘The Birds’, ‘Vertigo’ and ‘North by Northwest’ and see how they hold up today. We discuss the groundbreaking shots, the cameos, the treatment of women, behind the scenes factoids, the unique sets, and much more.

Before that, we have an eclectic bunch of international recommendations to help you through the 98th week of lockdown. Peter sings the praises of ‘Upload’, an odd comedy set in a digital heaven. Jon reviews ‘Border’, a dark Swedish fantasy drama which he tries his best to excite us about without spoilering! 

Hazel talks about her second-favourite film podcast, ‘Film Stories’; a celebration of movie making. Then Dan, on behalf of his fiancée Amy, recommends the truly brilliant cookery/travel show ‘Somebody feed Phil’, the third season of which has just landed on Netflix. And finally Andy reviews ‘Woman at War’, an Icelandic comedy drama about an environmental activist who wants to become a mother.

Remember Nerds, drama is life with all the dull bits cut out.

Episode 60: Five… Years… Later.

It’s a very special week here at Nerdfest, as not only did the brilliant ‘Film Stories‘ magazine recommend us as their podcast of the week, but also it’s our fifth anniversary! We formed our little cinema club in the pub, this time five years ago, so we open the show with a little bit of reminiscing.

Also in this episode is our Film Buff Or Film Bluff quiz, featuring true and made-up facts about directors’ credits, which famous nerdy things came first, special makeup effects director Rick Baker, and some obscure connections.

And finally Dan has come up with a brilliant feature called “Getting to Nerd You”, in which he asks fellow nerds meaningful questions such as ‘What is the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done?’ And ‘Who would you invite to a Nerdfest dinner party?’

Thank you to all our listeners! We’re very grateful to each and every one of you.

Episode 59: Parks And Recommendations


Join us for a Recommendations Special, where our six nerds discuss their top picks for lockdown entertainment:

Andy watches Toms Scott’s fantastic YouTube show, Dan reviews Netflix’s first foray into improv comedy, Ian Mayor wakes up to the comedic brilliance of “Parks & Rec”,  Jon discovers Alex Garland’s “Devs”, Peter decides whether “Extraction” is like pulling teeth, and Hazel checks out America’s Ass in new Apple+ series, “Defending Jacob”.

Episode 58: Thong Cruise


In our latest fantabulous episode, we develop an unhealthy obsession with Tom Cruise’s underwear.

We also try to fool each other with “facts” about Superman in the media, actor’s crazy demands on film sets, renegade and trailblazing women in film, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and actors who’ve been in video games. And Hazel watches ‘Galaxy Quest’ for the very first time.

P.S., for any Thermians listening to this and thinking that the Nerdfest podcast is actually a historical documentary, we would very much like to fly a spaceship, please and thank you.

Episode 57: We’re All In The Void Now

Our nerds provide some lockdown fun for you, with recommendations of movies, TV and comics, in our first socially-isolated episode.

Hazel reviews new Apple TV+ production, “The Banker”. Jon recommends “Succession” Dan promotes the virtues of offbeat documentary “The Imagineering Story”. Peter covers satirical comedy/ horror “The Hunt”, and Ian Mayor joins us live (within social distancing rules) from the void, to rave about comic novel ‘Sabrina’ (not the teenage witch)

We also have a quiz about the fifth movie in some popular franchises, and another where you have to identify the celebrity autobiography.

Stay safe and well everyone!

Episode 55: Make It Show

As Hazel and Dan watch ‘Hamilton’* on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Jon is keeping the host’s chair warm as we offer up a brand new set of nerdy recommendations.

Make yourself a tea (Earl Grey, Hot!) as the nerds discuss Patrick Stewart’s return to Starfleet in ‘Star Trek: Picard’, and we also review ‘Doom patrol’, ‘I’m not OK with this’, and ‘Midnight Family’. And Andy provides a quiz to test our knowledge of movie taglines.

*other musicals are available, although you wouldn’t think so!


Episode 53: The Musical That Goes Wrong

cats sing.jpg

This recommendation-packed episode is full of war stories.

We hear from the Nerdfest ‘Cats’ Support Group as Dan and Jon deal with the trauma from their cat-astrophic experience of watching Tom Hooper’s new musical.

Then we hear about the famously disastrous battle to bring the SpiderMan musical to Broadway, followed by two more literal war stories, Sam Mendes’ one-take opus “1917” and Taikia Waititi’s Hitler-starring “JoJo Rabbit”.

Jon also recommends yet another Nic Cage movie “Colour Out Of Space”, and Hazel lightens the tone with “The Goes Wrong Show”

We round things off with a lovely quiz, where you have to identify the actor from up to 4 movies they appeared in.

Remember- Walls have ears, as well as ice cream!

Episode 52: Buffy The Oscar Slayer

There’s a lot at stake this episode, as we discuss the Hellmouth out of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ en route to our Buff of Bluff quiz, which this week features the most unusual reasons for becoming a supervillain, the musical ‘Cats’, previously unknown tidbits about ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, and the all-time worst TV shows.

This episode also features the return of Hazel’s needlessly overcomplicated Oscars Sweepstake, as our nerds discover which Best Picture nominee they have drawn, and how pleased (or not) they are with their picks.