Episode 101: What’s Going In?

A slightly belated, but huge milestone Nerdfest episode! Due to circumstances beyond our control, we couldn’t properly celebrate recording 100 episodes together until now – in episode 101. But boy do we make up for it.

Hazel has concocted a feature that ensures we reflect fondly on some of our favourite recording moments, including how many times Jon has had to apologise for something he’s said. And Dan has come up with a top 100 quiz – which…well, let’s just say it’s not what you might be expecting.

And since it is technically episode 101, we join with Andy and Peter to create the Nerdfest Room 101. Each nerd chooses an aspect of the filmmaking process that they find irksome, and encourage their fellow nerds to send it into the abyss. Have we made the movie world a better place? Let us know!

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What a joy it has been to reach this point. We love recording together, and hope you have a great time listening to us. Thank you for all your support.

Episode 100: I Like To Be In American Horror Story

We feel “Pretty, oh so pretty”… and not just because Ian Mac and Kerris are back with us for an episode full of recommendations!

Peter and Dan have been filling up on the best new shows on Disney+, with ‘Dopesick’ and ‘The Beatles: Get Back’. Kerris scares herself with the latest ‘American Horror Story’, and Jon scares us all with a trademark non-recommendation of ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’. Then Ian dance-fights his way through “America!” for Steven Spielberg’s musical masterpiece ‘West Side Story’ (don’t start a rumble with us, but we really enjoyed it.)

Finally, all our nerds reveal their favourite movie of 2021- we’d love to hear yours on Twitter @nerdfestuk.

Now, to paraphrase John Lennon, “We’d like to thank you on behalf of the podcast, and we hope we’ve passed the audition…”

Listen and add us to your favourite pod player, on : https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/5f25213fc3e841c1dd455404fe11a3d3

Episode 99: The Netflix Christmas Universe

Things get festive at Nerdfest HQ, as Louise returns with tidings of comfort and joy … and the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe… It’s a thing!

Our ‘Film Buff or Film Bluff’ quiz includes eclectic puzzlers about horror villains, Les Miserables, whether Gromit and K-9 are related, and Wilson ‘Kingpin’ Fisk (for no reason, no reason at all).

All that, and we tackle a listener question about the best fourth film in a series.

So settle down with some mince pies and a selection box, and travel with us to a non-specific fictional European country through the medium of your favourite podcast player: https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/cc19c79596feb7ed863acd163459251a

Episode 98: Jon Ranks Tom Hanks

Its a bumper recommendations special this episode, as we talk about legacy sequel “Ghostbusters AfterlIfe”, Apple’s Tom-Hanks-with-a-robot movie “Finch”, magical dark nostalgia treat “Last Night In Soho”, the new TV incarnation of “Chucky” and the “Hawkeye” comics which the new Disney+ series draws heavily from.

And Jon takes it upon himself to personally rate Tom Hanks’ career.

Sorry, Tom.

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Episode 97: Live 24/7

Is anything real? Should we accept this reality? These are the questions on Hazel’s mind as she faces up to her umpteenth Shameful Gap: The Truman Show.

Before that, there’s more reality twisting in our Buff or Bluff quiz. Andy gets creative by dreaming up a plot for a Mubi-worthy movie, whilst Kerris gets her teeth into some trivia about ‘The Lost Boys’. Peter offers 3 creepy and kooky facts about ‘The Addams Family’, and Hazel celebrates the return of live improv by inventing an improvised scene.

And finally, Jon stays on brand by coming up with some monstrous facts about Frankenstein-related movies.


Episode 96: Halloween (Not that one, the other one!)

 Spooky greetings! Join the Nerdfest gang as we celebrate Halloween with our unique bag of tricks and treats.

Have you played ‘Squid Game’ yet? Peter has, and lives to tell the tale with his review of the Netflix sleeper hit. Hazel navigates the desert to bring you her review of sci fantasy epic ‘Dune’. It’s not what she was expecting at all… Andy enthuses about one of the highlights of the BFI film festival, with a review of Celine Sciamma’s beautiful new drama, ‘Petite Maman’

And finally Jon bucks the recommendations format, yet again, by describing his issues with the latest in the Halloween franchise, ‘Halloween Kills.’ But not before an impressive rundown of where each Halloween movie since 1978 falls in the timeline. Honestly, it’s worth listening to the episode just for that….31 Oct 2021 · 53 minutes.


Episode 95: The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down

Kerris returns to the podcast to tell us all about her membership of a most excellent Keanu Reeves movie club, and jumps her Shameful Gap in his back catalogue of the movie “Speed”.

We play Film Buff or Film Bluff (with three stories, one of which is false) on “Speed”, the “Tekken” videogame, plots for films you won’t believe exist and some ridiculously dark stories about the Muppets.

And finally Dan has a quiz about movie teenagers, and the (much older) actors who played them!

Here’s how to catch us in your favourite podcast player: https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/9c81b51ca3dfeb8c4ea9500737d20452

Episode 94: Who, What!?! and Y

Join Jon, Ian, Dan and Peter this week, as the nerds discuss the return of Russell T Davies to ‘Doctor Who’, and delve into some great new recommendations for you.

Peter levels up with Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer as we talk about ‘Free Guy’, now streaming on Disney+. Dan goes to stay at the ‘White Lotus’, while Ian compares classic comic ‘Y: The Last Man’ to its new TV adaptation. And Jon? Well, Jon goes nuts and has a ball as he explores the latest Nic Cage opus, ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’, (a.k.a “the one where his TESSSSTICULL explodes”)

Add us to your favourite podcast player with one of these links https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/1ac566e85f52b2570cbf795780c1a6a6

Episode 93: Robot Chef Wars

After discussing the exciting contents of trailers released for “Last Night In Soho” and “The Matrix Resurrections” this week, we get down to business with our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz.

This week we discuss cinematic firsts, and the original titles of movies that have been renamed, plus Jon causes a stir with his blend of ‘animal magic’ facts. Andy makes some unusual noises, and Ian has what can be best described as a “random facts explosion” including how a Mandarin dictionary inspired a “Choose your own adventure” series (or did it?), and we learn all about what an “Iron Chef” really is. (Not a robot- disappointingly)

That’s not all – we also have Round 2 of “Answer Smash”, where our nerds have to smash two movie answers together from Hazel’s cryptic clues.

Links to find us in your favourite podcast apps are here: https://pod.link/1322410403/episode/72872e996d837063649468cc00efe356

The following chapter images were all used under license from Freestock.com:

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Episode 92: Clash Of The Nerds

After a small hiatus for a nerd wedding, we’re back with an entire feast of TV and film recommendations for you.

Ian Mac drums home the merits of “Count me In”, a new Netflix documentary featuring rock’s greatest drummers. Kerris takes a sip of “Brand New Cherry Flavor”, a mind bending limited series set in early 90s Hollywood. Peter ponders the question, “What If?” And purely coincidentally, he reviews Marvel’s latest TV offering of the same name. Andy enthuses about the Ray Harryhausen exhibition he and Hazel visited on their honeymoon. Which leads the nerds down an animated memory lane of one of the industry’s most influential creators. And Hazel heads comes in from the Cold War to review “The Courier”, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s salesman turned MI6 spy.

But that’s not all! Andy has a brilliant cryptic film quiz that gets all the nerds thinking outside of the box.


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