Episode 78: Designated Monster

We have recommendations up the wazoo this time, as we battle Godzilla, encounter a new author, discover the best subtitled series on Netflix from around the world, and wallow in the usual smut and nonsense.

Ian reviews “Godzilla: The Half century War”, whilst attempting to answer the ultimate “Kong vs Godzilla” question. Dan adds Samantha Shannon’s Bone Season” to the bookshelf, whilst Andy gets all cosmopolitan with “This is not a Burial, Its a Resurrection”. Striking a similar worldly tone, Peter reviews French series “Lupin” and “Call My Agent” and Korean smash hit series “Sweet Home” and “the Uncanny Counter”. And Jon recommends “Designated Survivor”, “The Rental” and, er, “Jiu Jitsu” (a movie he hasn’t even SEEN, yet!)

Finally, we expose Dan’s shameful gap, as he has never seen famous immortal combat movie, “Highlander”. What will be his reaction to watching it for the very first time?

Episode 77: Wanda Women

In this episode we have our first reactions to WandaVision, a full spoiler review of Wonder Woman 1984, and our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz is back!

After establishing the exact species of dinosaur that Yoshi is, we discuss what sorcery Marvel might have up their sleeves in the quirky opening episodes of WandaVision.

Our Buff or Bluff round sees us tackling questions about old TV sitcoms, disastrous financial mistakes, unlikely actors portraying U.S presidents, unexpected movie sequels, and unusual Funko Pops.

We head into deep spoiler territory for our review of Wonder Woman 1984 (although if you haven’t seen it and you’re considering spending £15.99 on the digital rental, you might want to stick around). How is Diana Prince’s second solo outing? Why is the third best famous Chris back? Does having glasses really make you less sexy? We discuss all that and more, for a movie that we reeeeeeallly wanted to like.

Episode 76: Disney Plus Plus Plus

We find out what the nerds got up to over Christmas and what nerdy presents we were gifted. It’s great to have Ian Mayor back with us, who has a present for Dan and Hazel and some pretty bad news for Jon…

in this episode we discuss the treasure trove of new shows and movies announced by Disney just before Christmas. From ‘Rogue Squadron’ to ‘Lando’, to ‘Secret Invasion’ and ‘Ironheart’ (and everything in between!)we are in full speculation mode about what those shows could bring.

Also in this episode Hazel has devised a “Who am I?” quiz, with a series of cryptic clues for the nerds to try and guess which actor she’s talking about. Play along, and try to guess who’s name sounds like a fart in a bath!

Episode 75: Secret Cinema Presents “2020”

It’s the Nerdfest review of the year! Join us as we celebrate all the joyful things that 2020 brought us, and none of the dumpster fire awfulness.

Peter, Andy, Dan, Hazel and Jon have all compiled our top ten lists of the best nerd pop culture this year, and we use our last podcast of 2020 to discuss, argue, surprise and tut our way through them.

And whilst we have some things on our lists which won’t surprise many listeners (yes, Dan and Hazel hijack the beginning of the podcast to sing the praises of Hamilton and yes, Jon has some more obscure horrors to recommend) there are a couple of unexpected entries. And as always, comedy hijinks ensue.

Whilst we haven’t been able to be in the same room together to record the vast majority of podcasts in 2020, we’ve loved being able to bring you episodes every two weeks. Thank you to Peter and his technical expertise for finding a way for us to do it.

Hopefully 2021 will be a much better year for everyone, but until then, there are plenty of nerdy things to distract us. Merry Christmas, and we’ll catch you on the other side of 2020.

Links to the episode at- https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/nerdfest-podcast-movies-tv-tri-596065/episodes/75-secret-cinema-presents-2020-81314287

Episode 74: Blobby Blobby Blobby!

It’s double quiz time! We start the episode with a “Play Your Cards Right” quiz from Andy, who gives us the task of deciding which movies have the higher body counts. Join us as we compare the carnage from everything from ‘Lord of the Rings’ to ‘Commando’, ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Team America: World Police’.

Then, it’s Buff or Bluff time. In celebration of “The Queen’s Gambit” (which is AWESOME and you all should be watching it!)Dan has a chess conundrum for us. Jon, partly in dedication to regular listeners Jenni and Gary, and partly for his own amusement, has 3 facts about “The Wizard of Oz”. Let’s just say he should have done his scarecrow homework…

After the news that Ryan Reynolds is the new part-owner of Wrexham AFC, Hazel decides to investigate whether he has any more hidden talents. And Peter has 3 facts related to The X Men, but just like Jon his bluff soon gets unravelled, albeit for different reasons.

And finally Andy has 3 plots of movies with the word “America” in. But which is the fake movie – is it “An American Christmas Carol”, “American Gladiator” or “American Angels: Baptism of Blood”? Tune in to find out!

Oh, and for fans of Mr Blobby, both of you, you’ll like the last 5 minutes very much… https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/nerdfest-podcast-movies-tv-tri-596065/episodes/74-blobby-blobby-blobby-80456792

Episode 73: Ghosts in the Castle, Bigfoot in His House

It’s a bumper review special this episode, as we look for more wonderful things to help you fill these dark winter nights.

Dan puts his bigfoot in it by reviewing new novel “Devolution”, which does for sasquatch what World War Z did for the living-challenged. Andy haunts us with BBC TV comedy “Ghosts”. Hazel investigates Nathan Fillion’s detective series “Castle”. Jon hides out in “His House” with only a horror movie for comfort, and Peter gives Apple + comedy “Ted Lasso” a sporting chance.

And we track down Ian Mayor for three British comics recommendations from the depths of his void, at an undisclosed location somewhere on the western spiral arm of the galaxy.

Spend some of these dark nights with us, at https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/nerdfest-podcast-movies-tv-tri-596065/episodes/73-ghosts-in-the-castle-bigfoo-79598660

Episode 72: Cock-A-Doodle DON’T!

In this episode we welcome an awesome guest nerd- Kerris Gibson. You’ll love getting to know her and her eclectic taste in movies in our opening segment.
(Full disclaimer – We’re not sure WHY we got onto the subject of a certain part of the human anatomy and how often it ‘shows up’ in film, but that’s the path Kerris leads us down…)

We also have a bumper round of “Film Buff or Film Bluff”, the game where we try to outfox each other with both true and made-up trivia about the world of entertainment.

Jon has three ‘facts’ about movie plots and why they departed from their source material. Then Hazel, one of the biggest fans of “The West Wing” has three stories about its behind the scenes shenanigans, including the lesser-known lyrics to the opening theme. (Yes, we make her sing them.)

Kerris befuddles us all with pranks from Japanese game shows. Followed by Peter, who’s been spending his time wisely in lockdown on the trashiest of trash TV, and has three plots for movies allegedly streamed in 2020. And Andy finishes us off, with three facts about the awesome Orson Welles.

Catch us on: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/nerdfest-podcast-movies-tv-tri-596065/episodes/72-cock-a-doodle-dont-78353602

Episode 71: Halloween Spooktacular

Halloween! Inspiration for so many great movies, which we try and rattle off in quick succession in our opening segment. From the moments that shook our childhoods, to what we think defines a great horror, be afraid. Be very afraid.

After a quick change of underwear, we move on to discuss our recommendations of the week. First up is Dan who is sucked in by “Vampires Vs The Bronx”. Then Andy recommends the latest Sofia Coppola/ Bill Murray collaboration “On the Rocks”.

Peter leads the charges against “The Trial of the Chicago Seven” (it was acquitted, on account of being great). And Jon recommends yet another disturbing horror movie that probably no-one else will ever watch, “Possessor”.

And finally Hazel rocks out to “Rocks”; the latest brilliant and heartwarming independent film to have found a home on Netflix.

So….what’s *your* favourite scary movie?

Catch us on Podchaser at: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/nerdfest-podcast-movies-tv-tri-596065/episodes/71-halloween-spooktacular-77374743

Episode 70: Can You Feel The Power Of The Tingler?

Its “Buff or Bluff” time again, as our nerds try to hide 4 massive whoppers in amongst 12 fabulous facts- will it take a truth serum to find out which is which, and can you beat the team?

This time around, Dan covers masks (and’ The Mask‘), Jon describes some weird director antics, Peter polishes up our knowledge of ‘Metal Mickey‘, and Andy evokes great showman William Castle and the amazing stunts he’d pull to promote his movies.

In a “wide ranging discussion” we also reminisce fondly about ‘Gladiators‘ (although Jon and Peter are more concerned with Jet’s appearances on ‘GamesWorld‘) and a close encounter with a manatee.

And we peek a little behind the scenes at how the podcast is put together, as Jon storms off to his trailer.

Episode 69: A Most Excellent Sequel

We have lots of new movie, TV, book and even musical recommendations for you this week. But before that, we all discuss who we’d like to see as the next James Bond. (Is it Tom Hardy? Or possibly a more left field choice? Tune in to find out!)

To kick off our recommendations, Dan shares his nostalgic experiences of listening to the John Williams “Live in Vienna” album. He also reviews Stuart Turtons brand new book “The Devil and the Dark Water”, which we were lucky enough to be sent an advance copy of. Jon reviews “Bill and Ted Face the Musicbut”, which might just emerge as the best thing of 2020. Then we travel back in time for an absolute classic, as Andy shares his thoughts on a first watch of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid“. Peter recommends “Raised by Wolves”, a stunning new sci fi drama marking the TV directorial debut of one Ridley Scott. And Hazel reviews Katherine Ryan’s semi-autobiographical Netflix show, “The Duchess”.